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13 02, 2019

Tennessee Lawmakers Reintroduce Same-Sex Marriage Ban Bill

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NASHVILLE, TN — (02-13-19) — Republican lawmakers in Tennessee have proposed the Natural Marriage Act (HB0892) surely which is nothing more than a same-sex marriage ban. This is yet another game where republicans pull out the social issue card with the same bill they have been throwing around for more than two years in order [...]

11 02, 2019

Senator Lynn Hutchings Compare Homosexuality to Pedophilia, bestiality in Meeting with LGBTQ HS Students

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WYOMING — (02-11-19) — Wyoming Senator Lynn Hutchings (R), compared homosexuality to pedophilia and bestiality during a meeting with LGBTQ high school students during the Gay-Straight Alliance Civics Day at the state's Capitol back on February 1. Senator Hutchings disgusting and hateful opinions of homosexuality were on full display to the 10 LGBTQ students who [...]

10 02, 2019

Bolsonaro Set to Erase LGBTQ Content From Brazilian Schools

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BRASILIA, BR — (02-10-19) — The 38th president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, and his right wing government, are set to remove any mention of homosexuality, violence against women and feminism from all of their schools' textbooks. While president Jair Bolsonaro has been in the hospital since last week from an operation to remove a colostomy bag [...]

9 02, 2019

CHP Gay Cop Suing His Department for years of Discrimination

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SAN FRANCISCO — (02-09-19) — After openly gay CHP cop Jay Brome had his lawsuit thrown out by Judge Michael Mattice, has filed an appeal against his department for years of hostility and discrimination in San Francisco Superior Court. Jay Brome says in his lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol that he has been a [...]

7 02, 2019

Eighteen Year-Old Arrested After Bomb Threat on Gay Nightclub

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MELBOURNE, FL — (02-07-19) — Eighteen year-old Randolph Goodwin has been arrested after allegedly threatening to blow up a gay bar in Melbourne, Florida. According to investigators, Randolph Goodwin called The Twisted Rooster located at 1220 W New Haven Ave., on January 31 and asked the person who answered if gay people drink at the [...]