5 06, 2023

Thailand Celebrates 2nd Annual PRIDE Parade with 50K In Attendance

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BANGKOK — (06-05-23) — Thailand's 2nd annual PRIDE Parade doubled its attendance from last year with over 50,000 people on hand to celebrate LGBT Rights. In celebration of PRIDE Month, thousands of LGBTQ+ attendees along with their allies and political leaders marched through central Bangkok promoting gender equality in the second official Pride parade to [...]

31 05, 2023

PUMP! Underwear Unveils its MILKSHAKE Collection

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QUEBEC, CANADA — (05-31-23) — PUMP! Underwear Kicks Off PRIDE Season by unveiling its new MILKSHAKE Men's Underwear Collection Commercial. The 16-piece Collection will immediately turn heads the minute you have it on display on your e-commerce platform or in your brick and mortar retail store locations! "Feel the cotton comfort of our new MILKSHAKE [...]

22 05, 2023

MODUS VIVENDI unleash its Towel Swimwear Line (2023)

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THESSALONIKI, GR — (05-22-23) — MODUS VIVENDI brings retailers first look at its 'Towel Swimwear Line' and 'Roller Skater' Campaign inspired by roller-skating of the 80’s. MODUS VIVENDI-Towel Swimwear Line Commercial-Screen Clips-jrl charts "MODUS VIVENDI introduces the Towel Swimwear and the Roller Skater Campaign from Spring – Summer 2023 Collection. The perfect blend [...]

22 05, 2023

2EROS – Bubbles, Shelby and Torch Beachwear First Look

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — (05-22-23) — 2EROS ends Masturbation May by unleashing its 'Bubbles, Shelby and Torch Beachwear Series Commercial, in time for the kick off of PRIDE Season 2023.  Big points goes out to the marketing team at 2EROS for tapping gorgeous model TopNathas for the 'Bubbles, Shelby and Torch Beachwear Commercial. 2EROS-Bubbles-Shelby-and-Torch Beachwear-Screen [...]

17 05, 2023

Taiwan Passes Bill Allowing Gay Couples to Adopt Children

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TAIPEI CITY, TW — (05-17-23) — Taiwan's parliament has passed a bill allowing same-sex married couples to adopt children, four years after same-sex marriage was legalized on the self-governing islands. Gay and lesbian couples will now be able to legally adopt children in Taiwan, after the island’s legislature voted in favor of the change on [...]

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