2 07, 2022

Ten Anti-LGBTQ Bills Passed by Republicans are now Law

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LAS VEGAS — (07-02-22) — Ten anti-LGBTQ bills that were passed by Republican legislatures are now law as of July 1, 2022. The Republican party launched its culture war against the LGBTQ community last year. Not only are they attacking LGBTQ+ adults but also LGBTQ youth in school sports, LGBTQ groups and now, teachers are [...]

17 06, 2022

Bishop Claims School Flying BLM, LGBTQ Flags Can Not Call Itself Catholic

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WORCESTER, MA — (06-17-22) — Bishop Robert J. McManus has set off a firestorm after saying that a Massachusetts middle school may no longer describe itself as Catholic after refusing to lower a Black Lives Matter flag and an LGBTQ+ Pride flag. Bishop Robert J. McManus, the high moral authority who was charged with drunken [...]

16 05, 2022

MALTA Remains Top European Country for LGBT+ Rights

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VALLETTA, MALTA — (05-16-22) — Malta retains their leadership role as the best country in Europe for LGBT+ rights, according to an annual report released by ILGA-Europe. The association said that Malta has maintained the best laws, policies and practices that least discriminate against its LGBT+ communities. The small European Union member that has a [...]

9 05, 2022

LGBT Advocates Warn Gay Marriage next target for SCOTUS

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WASHINGTON D.C. — (05-09-22) — LGBT advocates and legal experts are warning that the overturning of the 1973 landmark Roe v Wade decision could lead to the conservative packed supreme court to revisit and overturn same-sex marriage. Not only that...advocates are concerned over the for LGBT Americans’ mental and physical health and socioeconomic status. In [...]

10 04, 2022

GOP’ Anti-LGBTQ Proposals Moving in U.S Legislatures at Alarming Pace

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WASHINGTON D.C. – (04-10-22) – Republican state legislatures across America are moving their anti-LGBTQ proposals at an alarming pace. Everything from Don't Say Gay bills that have now been signed into law in Alabama and Florida to bathroom bills. According to JRL CHARTS LGBT News Division, Republicans are targeting their conservative base ahead of the [...]

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