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1801, 2019

xHamster Grants #Shutdown Gov’t Employees Free Access

CHATSWORTH, CA — (01-17-19) — xHamster grants #Shutdown Government employees a way to alleviate their stress by offering free premium access to the 800,000 US government employees affected by the "furlough." "We know that government employees who have been furloughed are being forced to make hard choices between essentials like rent, food and transportation," noted Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster, which has been working to rid the site of [...]

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EDC Wholesale Brands Score Huge Responses at ANME

VEENDEM, NETHERLANDS — (01-17-19) — EDC Wholesale house brands were presented by Alexander Institute at the ANME Founders show that took place in Burbank, California and received great responses from adult store buyers. ANME visitors [...]

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