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1701, 2022

Kim Petras drops her electrifying Coconuts M/V

LOS ANGELES — (01-17-22) — Kim Petras, the LA-based German singer-songwriter and pop music sensation, is back with a vengeance with her sick new 'Coconuts Music Video (2022), the second single taken from her upcoming third studio album, making it her second single under a major label. The Senastional transgender pop music artist's Music Video dropped on January 10th and has already generated over 567K views as of this report. [...]

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Blush Unveils Sexual Wellness In a Busy World Video

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. — (01-16-22) — After Blush Novelties announced their expansion with its top-selling Wellness line, they unveil its Sexual Wellness In a Busy World Commercial. The Blush Wellness expansion includes a streamlined merchandising [...]

World LGBT News

1701, 2022

Pump! Underwear Unveil 2022 PUMP Lookbook Calendar

MONTREAL, QC — (01-17-22) — After weeks of teasing its massive fan base worldwide, PUMP! Underwear announce the release of its 2022 PUMP Lookbook Calendar. The International Men's apparel brand are also offering its 2022 [...]

2EROS 2-Series Underwear Line Commercial Unveiled

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — (01-10-22) — 2EROS Apparel proudly unveils its new 2-Series Underwear Collection Commercial.  Talk about the perfect gift collection for Valentine's Day Season! According to 2EROS' marketing & publicity division, the new 2-Series [...]

France Lifts Ban on LGBT Citizens Donating Blood

PARIS, FR — (01-12-22) — France' Health Ministry announced on Tuesday they will now allow LGBT citizens to donate blood without "discriminatory" conditions. Beginning March 16, blood donation will be open to all French citizens [...]

Movie Trailers

1601, 2022

LAST SURVIVORS (2022) Mark Famiglietti, Thriller Film

LAS VEGAS — (01-16-22) — Watch Drew Van Acker, Stephen Moyer and Alicia Silverstone in the 'Last Survivors Official Trailer (2022)', the upcoming thriller film about a post-apocalyptic world where Troy (Stephen Moyer) raises his [...]

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