17 09, 2022

LGBTQ Activists in Belgrade Vow to March Despite EuroPride Ban

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BELGRADE — (09-17-22) — Anti-LGBTQ activists' tensions are mounting in Belgrade as LGBTQ activists promised to stage a EuroPride march today in the Serbian capital despite a government ban. The interior ministry banned the EuroPride march earlier this week citing security concerns after right-wing terrorist groups threatened to hold protests. The conservative ruled Balkan country [...]

24 03, 2022

LGBT People in Iraq Come Under Attack Daily – HRW

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BAGHDAD — (03-24-22) — LGBT Iraqi citizens are coming under daily attack by armed groups, police and one of the country's most powerful militia, the umbrella organization, daily for simply being gay. According to Human Rights Watch and IraQueer, cases include abductions, torture, rape and murder. HRW said the Iraqi government has refused to hold [...]

15 02, 2022

LGBT Rights Under Renewed Fire in Hungary, says HRC

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HUNGARY — (02-15-22) — LGBT rights activists and the groups that work to protect them are under new pressure in Hungary from its judicial branch, says Human Rights Council.  On February 1, an appeals court in Hungary ruled against Labrisz Lesbian Association, saying that an article pusblished in a pro-government newspaper likening them to pedophiles [...]

26 01, 2022

LGBT Afghans Suffering from Rape and Torture Under Taliban Rule

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KABUL — (01-26-22) — A new report published Wednesday said that LGBT citizens of Afghanistan are facing increased security threats to their lives. Since the Taliban took power back last year, it has "dramatically worsened" for LGBT Afghans. "The danger now facing LGBT people in Afghanistan—in an environment devoid of legal protections, under authorities that [...]

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