5 09, 2023

Hong Kong Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Civil Unions

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HONG KONG — (09-05-23) — Hong Kong's top court ruled Tuesday in favor of same-sex civil unions but stopped short of ruling in favor of full marriage rights in a partial win for HK's LGBTQ community. Over the past decade, LGBTQ activists in Hong Kong have won piecemeal victories in court, striking down discriminatory government [...]

30 07, 2023

Band 1975 cancel gigs after Gay Kiss in Malaysia Concert

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MALAYSIA — (07-30-23) — British band The 1975 cancelled their shows in Liberal Taiwan and Muslim-majority Indonesia, after Malaysia stopped the group in the middle of their set after lead singer Matty Healy gave a passionate kiss to his male bandmate. In a statement released by the British Band on Sunday, the indie-rock group said, [...]

12 07, 2023

Japan Lawmakers Pass Law Promoting LGBT Understanding

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TOKYO, JP — (07-12-23) — Japanese lawmakers have just passed a law that 'Promotes Understanding of LGBT People'. According to Human Rights Watch, in June, the Japanese Diet, the national legislature of Japan, passed its first-ever law on sexual orientation and gender identity. It seeks to “promote understanding” and avoid “unfair discrimination.” The law states [...]

10 07, 2023

Right Wing Mob Storms Tbilisi Pride Fest, Setting Fires and Looting

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TBILISI, Georgia — (07-10-23) — A right wing mob stormed the Tbilisi PRIDE Festival last weekend. Hundreds of anti-LGBTQ rights activist swarmed the festival in the capital, vandalizing the stage, setting fires and looting the event’s bars. Deputy Georgian Interior Minister Aleksandre Darakhvelidze said participants in the Tbilisi Pride Fest were safely evacuated from the [...]

16 06, 2023

Japan Sparks Outrage Over watered-down LGBT Understanding Law

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TOKYO, JP — (06-16-23) — Japan has passed a watered-down LGBT Understanding Law on Friday, that is meant to promote understanding of the LGBT community. Critics of the bill say the pathetic law has absolutely no human rights guarantees, while conservative lawmakers claim that the measure is too permissive. Japan is the only Group of [...]

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