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LGBT Politics

LGBT Politics USA

210, 2023

Laphonza Butler makes LGBT History as Senator of California

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (10-02-23) — Gov. Gavin Newsom helps to make LGBT history as he names Laphonza Butler to replace late Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who passed away at the age of 90 last Friday. Laphonza Butler also makes history by becoming the first openly Black lesbian Senator to serve from California. Newsom's office confirmed that Butler will be stepping down from her post as president of the political action [...]

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LGBT Politics Asia

509, 2023

Hong Kong Court Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Civil Unions

HONG KONG — (09-05-23) — Hong Kong's top court ruled Tuesday in favor of same-sex civil unions but stopped short of ruling in favor of full marriage rights in a partial win for HK's LGBTQ community. Over the past decade, LGBTQ activists in Hong Kong have won piecemeal victories in court, striking down discriminatory government policies on visas, taxes and housing benefits. This ruling is another win that activists can [...]

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LGBT Politics Europe

1109, 2023

Massive Turn Out for Belgrade’s Pride Celebration in Serbia

BELGRADE, RS — (09-11-23) — Hundreds of LGBTQ+ Serbians and activists turned out in the Serbian capital city Saturday for Pride March 2023, amid a heavy police presence and anti-gay messages sent by the country’s conservative leadership and far-right groups. Last year, the LGBTQ+ event was met with skirmishes between the police and anti-Pride groups who was determined to sabotage the event, claiming that it goes against their traditional Serbian [...]

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