TAIPEI CITY, TW — (05-17-23) — Taiwan’s parliament has passed a bill allowing same-sex married couples to adopt children, four years after same-sex marriage was legalized on the self-governing islands.

Gay and lesbian couples will now be able to legally adopt children in Taiwan, after the island’s legislature voted in favor of the change on Tuesday. Taiwan continues to be the leader in LGBT rights in Asia, as they were the first jurisdiction in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.

Previously, gay couples who wanted to adopt a child had to resort to a loophole whereby only one partner would register as the minor’s legal parent. However last January, a Taiwanese court allowed a gay male couple to assume custody of a child. The judge, however, dismissed several other similar cases at the time.

Fan Yun, a lawmaker from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, who was among the MPs who spearheaded the bill, said she was “very excited” by Tuesday’s decision.

In early 2023, the Taiwanese government issued a directive allowing locals to marry a foreign spouse of the same sex. This applies to all jurisdictions, including those that do not recognize same-sex marriage, with mainland China being the sole exception.

LGBT rights group, Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights, hailed the passage by parliament, saying it shows “the consensus in Taiwan is to protect the human rights of LGBTI peoples and promote gender equality.”

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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