22 09, 2022

School Board Defends Transgender Oversized Prosthetic Bust Teacher

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ONTARIO, QC — (09-22-22) — A transgender teacher in Ontario has gone viral on social media after students at the Oakville-Trafalgar High School filmed her oversized prosthetic bust and wearing oversized fake breasts under tight clothing while teaching class. In a recent letter to parents, the school confirmed the video’s authenticity, but implied that it’s [...]

9 07, 2021

Pakistan Opens First State-Run School for Transgenders

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PAKISTAN — (07-09-21) — Pakistan turned heads this week when it opened its first government-funded school for transgenders who are routinely bullied out of mainstream education in the conservative country. The country's Khawaja Sira community (Khawaja Sira, the equivalent of transgender in the Urdu language), dates back hundreds of years and are treated as a [...]

28 06, 2021

SCOTUS Rejects Transgender Bathroom Case Appeal, a win for Transgender Activist Gavin Grimm

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WASHINGTON D.C. — (06-28-21) — Transgender Gavin Grimm was handed a victory on Monday when the U.S Supreme Court rejected the Transgender Bathroom Case appeal brought by Virginia Public Schools. In a shock to conservatives, the U.S  Supreme Court refused to hear the case about whether schools should allow transgender students to use the bathroom [...]

1 12, 2020

JUNO Star Elliot Page Comes Out As Transgender

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LAS VEGAS — (12-01-20) — The "JUNO" actor formerly known as Ellen Page, made headlines today when he announced he is transgender. In Page's official press release, he now will be known as Elliot Page. “I want to share with you that I am trans, my pronouns are he/they, and my name is Elliot,” wrote [...]

14 09, 2020

Marine Convicted of killing Transgender Woman Deported from Philippines

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LAS VEGAS — (09-14-20) — A U.S. Marine convicted of killing transgender woman Jennifer Laude in 2014 in the Philippines, has been deported after he was pardoned by President Rodrigo Duterte., who is known for being anti-LGBTQ. You read that correctly, President Rodrigo Duterte pardoned  convicted killer Pemberton who murdered Jennifer Laude in 2014 simply [...]

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