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Is Burger King Going into the Adult Sex Toy Business

By: William Lopez, Staff Writer Burger King fast food restaurants in Israel broke the glass ceiling by offering sex toys on Valentine's Day for its customers who were 18 and over. Yes, that is what happened in the state of Israel where on Valentine's Day only, Happy Meals for customers 18 and older came fully [...]

Bareback Fuck Date Could Be Raw’s Next Worldwide Hit

By: William Lopez, Staff Writer European Gay Twink superstars Andy Scott, Martin Rivers, Julian Fox, Milan Silver, Mark Flynn, Titus Snow and Chad Johnstone are cast in legendary director John Smith's, "Bareback Fuck Date" (2017). The DVD artwork will capture the eyes of Gay twink lovers on both sides of the world and we are [...]

Parliament to Quash Gay Sex Convictions of Men In New Zealand

By: William Lopez, Staff Writer In the days when Gay men in New Zealand were convicted of gay sex, times seem to have changed in New Zealand as after more than three decades when it was considered a crime to have sex with the same-sex, people are starting to get their criminal records cleared. Justice [...]

Prowler Porn Awards Nominations Are Now Open

By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer Gay erotica fans can now select your choice for the 2017 Prowler Porn Awards. You can nominate your favorite steamy gay porn stars in categories such as Best British Newcomer, Best British Bottom, (though it should read Power Bottom), Hottest British Porn Star, Best British Top, Best British Twink and [...]

Lustful Awakening Makes Its Away to the USA for Retail

By: Jack MacNamara Staff Writer Gorgeous young gay studs are gearing up to impress not only retail outlets in the USA but also Gay twink genre lovers with their new DVD release entitled, Lustful Awakening (2017) starring Pavel Nova, Boris Oria, Kris Wallace, Blake Hanson, Benjamin Dunn and more in a 96 minute lustful suspense [...]