LAS VEGAS — (10-03-19) (Gay News) (Gay Politics) — The Tom of Finland foundation was outraged following Instagram deleting their social media account from their platform.

However immediate reaction from followers and press coverage, Instagram quickly reinstated the @tomoffinlandfoundation Instagram page.

According to the Tom of Finland foundation, on Thursday morning, Instagram Security sent notification to their now shutdown @tomoffinlandfoundation Instagram page, informing them that their page was permanently shutdown.

Instagram Shocks Gay Community Shutting Down Tom of Finland

“We have permanently deleted your account from our servers because your account violated our community guidelines.

“We warned you about this, but you continued to violate community guidelines. Such accounts are never reactivated.”

That is what The Tom of Finland Foundation came into the office to find in their “In Box” this morning. However thanks to the power of the LGBTQ news media and Tom of Finland followers, the platform seems to have had a change of heart by reinstating their @tomoffinlandfoundation Instagram page.

Will Instagram Shadow Banning target Tom of Finland Again?

Instagram continues to target LGBTQ content through its “shadow banning,” and thousands of LGBTQ users are starting to flee the platform for LGBTQ friendlier social media networks.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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