NEW YORK, NY — (10-06-19) (Gay News) (LGBT Politics) — Former Trump Tower Organization vice president, Barbara Res, says that she expects Trump will resign from office.

Barbara Res told CNN’ Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter that she thinks President Donald Trump may resign rather than face possible removal from office by impeachment

Watch former Trump Tower VP Barbara Res Say She Expects Trump will Resign

Barbara A. Res, a professional engineer and attorney who lives in New Jersey with her husband and who worked for the Trump Organization for years, said that she has seen Trump act out in the manner he is currently performing for the America people.

She says this is nothing knew and that this is how he distracts, deflects and sometimes succeeds at getting out of serious trouble

Watch Barbara Res Say She Believes Trump Will Resign Before being Impeached

Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter is an opinionated weekend cable show on CNN.

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Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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