By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

LGBT POLITICS — Outrage continues over a Gay man running for the District 5 seat in Florida receiving threatening letters from the Ku Kos Knights organization which is a division of the Ku Klux Klan.

The candidate, openly gay man James Schneider, who is running to represent District 5 on the city council which stretches from Jacksonville to Tallahassee, claims that his partner discovered the first disturbing letter from the organization 7 days ago on their doorstep.

The letter says….”We know where you live f—-t. We are going to win. Quit now.” The message then continued, “When you girls least expect it, We will be here for a nice visit.”

Naturally Schneider was in shock over this incident and he shared his outrage with WTWC NBC 40 where he said…”I didn’t know what to do with that. I was spooked by it immediately. It really shakes you to the core,” said Schneider.

I personally give Schneider a huge praise as he will not be intimidated by these barbarians and in fact,he went so far as to post the letters on his campaign’s official Facebook page.

A Cape Coral Police Department spokesperson told JRL CHARTS..”The incident to which you are referring, involving a flyer placed on a resident’s door, is an active/open investigation,” said the ape Coral Police Department spokesperson. “As such, I won’t be able to get into detail at this time.”

The Cape Coral Police Department spokesperson further added that “the SPLC is listing Cape Coral only because a subject that listed they lived in Cape Coral on the KKK’s website was selling KKK memorabilia online last year,”

The spokesperson for the Cape Coral Police Department further added…”In this incident. The only connection to the KKK thus far, is unverified claims of affiliation by the flyer’s author. We have not had any significant incidents of organized hate groups committing criminal activity in Cape Coral.”

Schneider told the NBC affiliate that he almost dropped out of the race after receiving the threatening letters but decided that he would stay in the campaign and thanked all of his supporters on Facebook who came to his defense over this outrage.

“We are shaken but not beaten,” reads Schneider’s facebook page…”Thank you so much for those who have huddled around us at this time. We live in a messed up country.” said Schneider.


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