By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

After the huge backlash from gay rights activists, top national Democratic Party official Bronx Assemblyman Michael Blake, is now making it public that he is requesting a refund of his $1,000 campaign contribution to a New York City Council candidate who is on record opposing same-sex marriage.

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Assemblyman Michael Blake, who is currently the vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee, made the donation to the anti-LGBT rights candidate state Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., (pictured right), who is now running for an open Bronx City Council seat.

The way the districts are made up in the Bronx, both politicians represent overlapping districts in the south Bronx and have worked together in the past for such things as local community and legislative matters.

However gay rights activists slammed Assemblyman Michael Blake due to the fact that Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., who is known to be a social conservative, is a bigot for opposing same-sex marriage.

In fact the social conservative Pentecostal minister, Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr., voted against the marriage equality bill that was signed into law by Gov. Cuomo back in 2011.

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This is a career-ender,” said angrily, Allen Roskoff (pictured left), leader of the Jim Oweles Liberal Democratic Club.

After the backlash went viral with complaints, Assemblyman Blake issued an apology and stated that he has asked the Diaz campaign for a refund.

“Despite his work in our overlapping districts and continual effort of uniting communities of color, Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr. has made comments and taken stances against the LGBT community that I do not support.” said Assemblyman Blake.  “My contributions to his campaign is in no way an endorsement of his views on the LGBT community and should not be viewed as such. I am sorry for any offense caused by the contribution.” said Blake.

Of course the social conservative had to respond to Blake’s statement.  In fact Sen. Diaz Sr., told The Post “I’m sorry he did that. We have been working together for years and my position is well known.” said Sen. Diaz Jr., “I respect his position. My belief is as a minister.  People who know me know I work every with everyone — gay, straight, white, black. Everyone knows I will fight for my constituents.” said Diaz Sr.

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