JERUSALEM, ISRAEL — (04-17-19) — LGBT politicians expand their seats from two to five in the upcoming Knesset after last week’s election.

LGBT MKs have more than doubled its record of openly gay representatives of the LGBT community. The five new gay MKs are set to be sworn into the 21st Knesset on April 30.

In the outgoing Knesset, there were two openly gay MKs: Itzik Shmuli of Labor and Amir Ohana of Likud.  Both MKs will be joined by new Blue and White MKs Idan Roll, Yorai Lahav Hertzanu and former Ra’anana mayor Eitan Ginzburg.

Openly gay mayor Eitan Ginzburg of Ra’anan and who became the first openly gay mayor of a city in the state of Israel, said, “It is an achievement, and I hope it is a positive sign for the future. But the results of the election create a bigger challenge to advance the rights of the community. The community rose in strength thanks to one party, Blue and White, but the ruling party did not advance legislation to help the community before. I hope they realize the result of the election was a signal, and if not, we will have to fight them.” said Mayor Ginzburg.

Openly Gay MKs More than Double Seats In New Knesset

Chairman of the conservative right wing Likud party’s LGBT Caucus, Dr. Evan Cohen, said “While increased visibility of LGBT issues is important, it’s wonderful to have MKs like Ohana, who is first and foremost a great legislator and public servant, and hopefully soon, a great minister,” Cohen said. “I hope the new MKs also prove themselves to be good representatives of the people of Israel.” said Dr. Cohen.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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