By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

Once again anti-LGBT protesters disrupted the showing of a Romanian-Serb film last Thursday shouting that the film promotes pro-gay propaganda and this is the devil’s work shortly before police arrived to move the disruptive conservatives preaching their hate.

According to AFP, a small group of hooded teenagers and young adults attempted to play loud music outside Romania’s Peasant Museum at the start of the seance after close to 30 Orthodox religious figures instigating their behavior to disrupt the event. Guests had the unfortunate pleasure of witnessing these protesters defend traditional Romanian values.

“I am protesting against this sort of pro-gay propaganda in a building that symbolizes the spirituality of Romanian peasants and which has nothing to do with this sort of ideology,” Anda Barbulescu told AFP.

Shortly after police moved in to quash the anti-LGBT demonstration, the museum resumed showing the film “Soldati” (The Soldiers) [2018] which is a well-received Romanian-Serb-Belgian co-production of a love story between an anthropologist and a former Roma prisoner.

This was the second time in a matter of days these anti-LGBT protesters have been causing trouble as they targeted another French Film which dealt with the subject of AIDS on Sunday night.

The museum management immediately released a statement against the protesters and defended the organizations decision to screen the films “without censoring their content” in the name of freedom of expression.

Conservatives have increased their protesting against the LGBT community to fight for their traditional conservative Orthodox traditions since the government lifted a ban on homosexuality back in 2001.

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