By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

I thought I had seen and heard everything when it comes to censoring LGBTQ people from the big screen by religious conservatives and right wingers however, I have to now take that mindset back as a Mississippi Gay Attorney, is angry at the fact that Disney Studios is pushing the envelope with Gay content in children movies namely, “Beauty and the Beast” (2017) which has garnered huge controversy over having a gay character in the film for the first time.

In fact, Joseph R. Murray who claims to be gay, wrote a column in the Orlando Sentinel claiming that…”Disney is straying away from Walt Disney’s original vision to entertain children and is now pushing a political agenda.” said Murray.

That of course played right into the hands of the Christian News Network who has been vocal over the gay character by saying…”Children should not be exposed to adult topics that seek to destroy their innocence” said Christian News Network.

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What is ironic is that a gay man who knows that LGBTQ children did not have characters that they could identify with for more than 100 years in film, theater, or television. Is he saying that it is okay to subject children to heterosexual content in children films but not homosexual? That is basically what it comes down to and to read that a gay man who claims to be educated and who has a law degree, say something so idiotic is beyond me.

Now in my opinion, we must remember that this man’s comments seem to be the center of the Christian Broadcasting Network agenda of anti-LGBTQ propaganda so for all we know, he is a brainwashed soul who desperately needs psychological help, in this reporter’s opinion. Hopefully he will get it soon.

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