TALLAHASSEE, FL — (02-23-22) — Florida State Rep. Joe Harding (R) withdrew his proposed amendment to Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill that would have forced teachers to out LGBT kids to their parents. Thanks to Democrats, the amendment was pulled but that didn’t stop the condemnation for such an amendment from LGBTQ groups and President Joe Biden who called it ‘dangerous,’ ‘deeply bigoted’ and ‘hateful.’

The GOP-controlled committee approved the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill on Tuesday after the amendment was pulled. The anti-LGBT bill now moves its way through the Florida State House with a full floor vote on the bill scheduled for Thursday.

Carlos G. Smith, Florida’s first LGBTQ Latino legislator, tweeted his concerns on how the amendment ‘deliberately puts LGBTQ youth in harms’ way.’

He also went further! Review Below

The amendment claimed to be setting up a protocol to encourage a discussion between parents and students in a safe environment. However the morons neglected to take into account protections for students who would have potentially been subject to abuse, abandonment or neglect by their families.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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