14 12, 2022

Barbados Supreme Court Decriminalizes Gay Sex

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LOS ANGELES, CA — (12-14-22) — The Barbados Supreme Court made history on Tuesday ruling the decriminalization of consensual gay sex relations. The written judgement will be handed down at a later date, according to the court. The Human Rights Campaign released the following statement: "Barbados becomes the third Eastern Caribbean country in 2022 to [...]

1 12, 2022

City of Richmond Scores 100 for LGBTQ Protections 3 Years in a Row

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RICHMOND, VA — (12-01-22) — Richmond scores another perfect score of 100 for LGBTQ Protections for its third year in a row by the Human Rights Campaign’s annual Municipal Equality Index (MEI) scorecard for the City’s work in LGBTQ protections. “We are working hard every day to build a welcoming, inclusive and equitable city, and [...]

14 08, 2022

Anti-LGBTQ ‘Grooming’ Rhetoric Surge 400% Online

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LAS VEGAS — (08-14-22) — Anti-LGBTQ hate speech surged 400% online following the passage of Florida's bigoted law known as 'Don't Say Gay Bill'. The new law that allows bigotry at all levels in public schools throughout the state. Right wing extremists began their anti-LGBTQ online hate speech campaign with their political pundit created slogan, [...]

20 04, 2022

Royal British Legion Apologizes for Past LGBTQ Discrimination

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UNITED KINGDOM – (04-20-22) – The Royal British Legion apologized publicly for its historical refusal to acknowledge the sacrifices of LGBTQ personnel of the British military. For decades, LGBTQ activists have accused the Royal British Legion of homophobia, claiming it made it a mission to erase LGBTQ+ personnel from their contributions to British war efforts [...]

14 04, 2022

Fox Corp Employees Condemn FOX News anti-LGBTQ Coverage

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NEW YORK, NY – (04-14-22) – Fox Corporation’s staff-wide have condemned in an internal message to fellow workers, the never-ending anti-LGBTQ rhetoric of their colleagues on Fox News. Fox News’ never-ending anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and coverage of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill has outraged LGBTQ employees within the Rupert Murdoch conservative media empire. The FOX Pride [...]

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