TALLAHASSEE, FL — (01-22-24) — Republican right wing Florida state congressman David Borrero, has introduced a bill that would ban Pride Flags from Campuses throughout the state. According to the well known right wing extremist, he is convinced students in Florida are being “subliminally indoctrinated with critical race theory, Marxism and transgender ideology”. So now he has brought forth a bill which he is hoping to become law, that would ban Pride flags from Middle School, High School and College Campuses state wide.

Borrero, who is also pushing a bill that would in effect ban all abortions in the state, also said that he believes students are being “radicalized and evangelized” in Florida’s classrooms.

His proposed anti-LGBT bill entitled, ‘HB 901: Display of Flags by Governmental Entities’, advanced out of a the state’s law subcommittee hearing by a vote of 9-4 last Wednesday.

The law would outlaw any flag that depicts a “racial, sexual orientation and gender, or political ideology viewpoint”. Teachers would also be prevented from wearing Pride or Black Lives Matter materials on their lapels if the legislation passes.

“Public classrooms should not be the place where our kids go to be radicalized and evangelized into accepting these partisan, radical ideologies,” said Borrero during the meeting of the constitutional rights, rule of law and government operations subcommittee. “It’s wholly inappropriate to be putting those types of flags in front of public school students and in government buildings.” said Borrero.

Borrero’s anti-LGBT bill would also ban the flags at offices of state and local authorities, and public buildings throughout Florida.

Democrats were quick to strike back HB 901, calling it the latest in a long line of attacks by Florida Republicans on LGBTQ+ civil rights.

“The legislature has overreached to vilify diversity, ban books and shame our LGBTQIA youth and adults,” said Democratic state senator Tracie Davis during the press conference in Tallahassee for Equality Florida. “Banning books does not ban LGBTQ youth or adults and it will not eliminate them. Restricting access to Black, queer and other diverse media does nothing to protect our children – it actually harms them.” said Davis.

Openly ga Democratic state senator, Shevrin Jones, said during the committee meeting that Borrero’s bill, which also seeks to ban lawmakers displaying Pride flags in their offices, was “authoritarian”.

“Are we in Cuba? Are we in Russia? That’s fascism at its best,” said Jones, noting that he had a colorful Pride flag at the Capitol poster in his office lobby. “How I was raised, the rainbow meant hope. I can promise you – it wasn’t that that made me gay. I’m not taking a damn thing down. I want everybody to see it.” said Jones.

Bill HB 901 now moves on for further discussion in the State Affairs Committee.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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