GUATEMALA CITY — (06-30-24) — Guatemala’s Supreme Court issued a resolution on Friday that called for “good manners” among attendees at its annual LGBT PRIDE parade. It also called on police to protect moral values at this year’s event. The ruling comes after a homophobic right wing lawyer sought to ban the Guatemala PRIDE march.

While Guatemala continues to be a majority Catholic country of 17 million people. It is also one of the few remaining countries in Latin America that have not legalized same-sex marriage or civil unions for its LGBT population.

Pride organizers called the court resolution discriminatory against sexual diversity.

“The parade is ready to go and we will not give in to intimidation attempts,” posted the organizers’ committee on X. “This is a peaceful, civic and communal demonstration where diverse people are united by the celebration of who we are.”

Guatemala’s right wing Congress attempted to pass a draconian law that would have criminalized same-sex unions and raised prison sentences for women seeking abortions back in 2022, but it was taken off the roster after former conservative President Alejandro Giammattei threatened to veto the bill, saying at the time that the draconian legislation would have not only violated the constitution but also harm the country with its international trade agreements.

Current President Bernardo Arevalo stated that he has no plans to push for legislation on same-sex marriage but is willing to work to prevent discrimination against people for their sexual orientation.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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