WASHINGTON D.C. — (08-09-23) — Well known right wing fire brand and anti-LGBTQ crusader Stephen Miller, has filed a lawsuit against Target on behalf of an investor Brian Craig, who claims the retail giant misrepresented the financial risks from LGBTQ Pride marketing that resulted in conservative backlash.

One has to wonder what backlash this investor is referring to considering Target’s stock price as of this report is sitting comfortably at $130 a share. Oh and by the way, the company reported a net income of $950 Million for Quarter 2 of 2023.

Miller and his well known anti-LGBTQ law firm America First Legal, filed the lawsuit in a Florida courtroom against Target, the company’s chief executive Brian Cornell, and Target’s board of directors.

Back in May, while Target was selling LGBTQ-themed merchandise in celebration for PRIDE Month in June, conservatives initated a massive anti-PRIDE campaign against the retail giant, threatening boycotts and employees receiving death threats.

Craig claims in his anti-LGBTQ Lawsuit that Target ignored the “social and political risks” for the company and investors in order to appeal to progressive activists. He also claims that the company did not properly account for the financial backlash from customers.

Miller along with America First Legal announced their lawsuit via social media, claiming Target promoted “radical LGBTQ+ propaganda to children.”

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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