NASHVILLE, TN — (10-05-22) — TN GOP Congressional candidate Andy Ogles’ said “Same-sex marriage should be a state decision rather than a federal one”. “The next thing we need to do is go after gay marriage. We need to revert that back to the states, so each and every state can decide her destiny.” said Oglas, who is running for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional district.

When asked what position he would take on abortion if he were elected to U.S Congress, Republican candidate Andy Ogles for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional district said he would want more issues left to the states.

“We are a republic of free states. So, California has the right to be liberal,” said Ogles. “Tennessee has the right to be conservative. What the Supreme Court has done with Roe v. Wade and also with overturning the New York gun ban is standing firm on the 10th amendment,” said Ogles.

The seat Ogles is running for is currently held by a Democrat, but when the new district lines were drawn after the most recent U.S. Census, Davidson County was split into three separate congressional districts. According to political analysts, the three new district lines were drawn to favor Republican candidates.

Tennessee LGBT Americans can share your opinion with GOP candidate Andy Ogles on Twitter @AndyOgles.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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