ANAHEIM, CA — (07-07-22) — The Walt Disney Company is snubbing their nose at the anger by conservatives over its upcoming release, Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), claiming that the film is pushing an LGBT Agenda.

The Disney-owned Marvel Cinematic Universe is slated to release its $250 million budget sci-fi fantasy film Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), the fourth installment in the series about the mythological god.

What has American conservatives up in arms is the interviews conducted by two of the stars of the film. Natalie Portman, who plays Jane Foster in the sci-fi thriller, said the movie is “so gay” after being asked by reporters at a London event, “How gay is the film?” Her co-star and the film’s director Taika Waititi, who voices Korg, called the film “super gay.”

Waititi’s character in the film is reportedly confirmed to have a storyline of being a part of the LGBT community. During the movie, Korg alludes to his parents’ same-sex relationship, describing the way in which he was “conceived,” by two males holding hands over molten lava.

This is sure to backfire on those who continue to perpetrate a war against the LGBTQ community, as this will only draw more ticket sales.

Watch THOR 4: Love And Thunder Official Trailer

One has to honestly wonder when conservatives war on the LGBTQ Community will ever end!

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures’ THOR 4: Love And Thunder “Fight with The Guardians of The Galaxy” premiered in theaters on July 7, 2022.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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