HILLSBORO, OH – (10-28-21) – Hillsboro High School canceled a student play after several local residents objected to a gay character in the play, according to students and local news outlets.

The High School canceled the scheduled production of “She Kills Monsters” last Thursday after weeks of rehearsals by the students, causing disgust and outrage from the student actors and their parents.

School administrators told students that the cancellation was due to the presence of a gay character in the play, reported Local 12 News.

The dramedy, written by Qui Nguyen, tells the story of Agnes Evans, whose parents and younger sister, Tilly, are killed in a car accident. In an effort to feel closer to Tilly, Agnes plays her sister’s favorite role-playing game, “Dungeons & Dragons.” She finds out that, in the game, Tilly had a girlfriend.

JRL CHARTS attempted to contact a spokesperson for Hillsboro City Schools but have not received as response as of this report.

However Superintendent Tim Davis told local news outlets last Friday that “the fall play has been canceled this year because the play was not appropriate for our K-12 audience.”

Davis issued a more detailed statement to news outlets Monday, adding that the “She Kills Monsters” play contained “homophobic slurs” and other “inappropriate language.”

Davis also told local daily paper Times-Gazette…“This production is recommended for ages 12 and older due to the language and mature content. As a district, we based our decision on the play’s use of inappropriate language, profanity, homophobic slurs, sexual innuendos and graphic violence.”

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Parents of students who were involved in the play told WKRC that the decision came a week after a local pastor and other parents confronted the play’s directors about the content.

They further stated that Jeff Lyle, the pastor of the Good News Gathering church, pressured Hillsboro High School to cancel the play.

Of course like most homophobic cowards, pastor Lyle denied the accusation in an email saying…”I have had no contact with any school board members regarding this play, though I agree with their decision.”

Lyle further stated that he was invited to the meeting with the play’s directors by parents of a cast member who “expressed to me their concerns about allowing their child to be involved in this play due to its content.” said Lyle.

“I made no comments regarding the play during the meeting,” said Lyle. “After the meeting, I did advise the directors that potential audience members should be warned regarding the nature of the content of this play, i.e. a parental advisory warning.” said Lyle.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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