NEW YORK, NY — (01-31-21) — We are sad to report that the popular Big Gay Ice Cream stores of New York City’s East Village and on Philadelphia’s famed South Street have closed their doors for good amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Luckily there are still four other locations in the New York City area where you can still enjoy the highly popular Big Gay Ice Cream treats of the “American Globs” and the one and only “Dorothy”.

Big Gay Ice Cream co-founders Bryan Petroff and Doug Quint took to Facebook to announce that they had decided to permanently close their flagship East Village location after 10 years as well as their Philadelphia South Street location that had been operating for five years.

Big Gay Ice Cream Facebook Post:

“In its hey day that section of East 7th Street was one of the hottest food blocks in the city. For almost a decade our shop hummed along, putting Salty Pimps in the hands of folks from Tierra Del Fuego to Lapland. It made many people, including us, very happy.

“But now the batteries have gone a bit dim on that street. Empty store fronts, the result of both rising rents and the COVID-19 pandemic, have settled in. Many great businesses have closed. It ain’t what it was. As a seasonal business with no indoor seating we recognize that the location will never truly recover. Therefore, we have decided to call it.”

Don’t count Big Gay Ice Cream out yet because knowing how co-founders Bryan Petroff and Doug Quint are warriors and will soon open new locations in both the East Village and more once their pandemic is over.

Visit Big Gay Ice Cream Locations Near You:

Big Gay Ice Cream
Upper West Side
516 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10024
Hours:Sun-Weds 1pm-9pm
Thurs-Sat 1pm-10pm

Big Gay Ice Cream
West Village
61 Grove Street, New York, NY 10014
Hours: Sun-Weds 1pm-9pm
Thurs-Sat 1pm-10pm

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Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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