WASHINGTON D.C. — (09-30-20) — Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has rocked the Republican party in shocking new Rasmussen Poll showing the former vice president gaining eight points in just one week.

Up eight points, Biden now sits at 51 percent, while President Donald Trump sits at a mere 43 percent, according to Rasmussen Poll.

The Rasmusen poll does not include responses to Tuesday evening’s first presidential debate which everyone is eager to see what the conservative leaning Rasmuseen Poll will report.

“The race had narrowed over the previous three weeks, but Biden has now cleared the 50% mark for the first time,” reported Rasmussen, noting that “Trump’s latest showing is his lowest since early August.”

According to Rasmussen, the latest poll also “finds Trump with 79% support among Republicans,” while “Biden is enjoying a healthy 84% of the Democratic support. Biden has also reclaimed the lead among voters not affiliated with either major party.”

Rasmussen, a Republican-tilted pollster, is one of Trump’s favorites to promote but today, I doubt he will be plugging the organization any time soon.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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