LAS VEGAS — (11-04-20) —  Election 2020 Results: The last batch of votes are scheduled to come within minutes for Airizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia.  With 71% of mail-in ballots counted in Pennsylvania, state officials say that they still need to count 763,000 of the 2.6 million cast.

The White House is bracing for the next batch of votes to come in from both Philadelphia County, the largest in the state, and Allegheny County, home to Pittsburgh.  After leading in Pennsylvania 24 hours ago by 699,000 votes, the president finds himself with a lead of only.

Watch the Count Live – Live Election Results

Watch – Live Election Results

In Philadelphia County, a major Democratic stronghold, 120,000 mail-in ballots remain uncounted. Seventy percent of those ballots were cast by registered Democrats while 20% were cast by registered Republicans.

“Does every mail-in ballot mean it is a Democratic vote? Absolutely not,” said Holmes of the ballots in Philadelphia County. “But they are skewing Democratic.”

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Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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