GAMBIER, OH — (05-11-20) — History has been made as the Gambier Village Council became the 29th municipality in Ohio to pass their own version of the Ohio Fairness Act, legislation designed to protect sexual orientation and gender identity or expression to anti discrimination laws.

“The world seems to be on hold, but many people can’t wait to be afforded basic legal protections everyone else has,” Alana Jochum, executive director of Equality Ohio, said in a statement. “Generally, LGBTQ people in Ohio are not covered in the laws that make discrimination illegal. We are all making hard decisions right now. Whether or not you can be out and open at work should not be one of them. We applaud Gambier for protecting its residents and advocating for all LGBTQ Ohioans.”

The Gambier Village Council also made history by passing it via Zoom. After all we are in the 21st Century!

Mayor Leeman Kessler, Fiscal Officer Kathi Schonauer, and Administrator R.C. Wise attended were in chambers at the village community center while Most of the council attended the monthly meeting via Zoom.

The Ohio Fairness Act has two bills that are pending in both houses of the Buckeye state legislature. It would outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

Lesbian Sen. Nickie J. Antonio and Sen. Michael Rulli introduced the Senate version of the bill, SB 11.

While Gambier has passed their LGBTQ Protections Act, unfortunately the Ohio Fairness Act is now stalled in the state legislature.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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