SALEM, OR — (07-01-19) — LGBT activists support Oregon’s new Family Leave Law which gives protections for not only low-income workers but also for the LGBT community.

Oregon just became the eighth state in the USA to pass a paid family leave bill. The new law gives 12 weeks of paid time off to new parents, victims of domestic violence and people who need to care for an ill family member or themselves.

Oregon also made history by extending the definition of family beyond blood relatives. “It’s the first law that reflects if you’re paid low-wages and literally living paycheck to paycheck, anything less than 100% is going to cause financial hardship,” said Vicki Shabo, a senior fellow who specializes in paid leave at the think tank New America.

LGBT Activists Celebrate Oregon’ New Family Leave Law

The new law to pay workers won’t begin until 2023. Oregon state needs to build the infrastructure to administer all of the new benefits for its citizens as well as to start collecting a small payroll tax of no more than 1%, from employees and employers to fund the new beneficial law for workers in Oregon.

The state Senate passed the law Sunday night on a vote of 21-6, with four Republican senators joining the Democrats to be a part of history. Gov. Kate Brown (D) said that she will sign the bill into law.

Oregon’s law will be the first to pay low-income workers 100 percent of their wages when they’re not able to work, with weekly benefits capped at around $1,215.

Oregon’s benefits are the first of its kind for low-wage workers and LGBT workers.

Gov. Brown also said that the new law guarantees that if you take time off from work, your job is guaranteed to be there for you when you return.

Domestic violence advocates are overjoyed with the new law as it also includes giving victims of domestic violence access to paid leave.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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