NIXON, TX – (10-25-18) A local teacher in Nixon, Texas is in hot water after allegedly told a student in front of his entire class that he was gay. The teacher in went further by claiming that the student was dating a girl ‘as a cover’.

Needless to say the father who has not be identified, was outraged. The father said…”The teacher at Nixon-Smiley High School told an entire classroom full of students that his son is gay and only dating his girlfriend “as a cover.”

According to the father, the teacher admitted to the incident. The teacher assumed his son was gay because of ‘the way he looks.’ Following her comment to the teenager in class, the student has become a target for bullies, said the father.

A complaint has been filed by the father with the school district and said that he is reviewing taking legal action. The student’s father has already met with the school principal and the accused teacher. His next stop will be to meet with the district superintendent. The district released a statement saying that they have launched an investigation.

The teacher has apologized for the incident however the father was her terminated. Local NBC News affiliate spoke with the father when he said his son isn’t gay but he quickly added…“Gay or straight is not the problem here. The problem is the teacher making a comment causing bullying in a school.”

He spoke with the local NBC News affiliate so that his story wouldn’t get ‘swept under the rug,’ saying that “I distrust the district to take appropriate action because of the area’s “small town politics.” said the Father. Nixon has a total population of 2,500 residents.

According to an HRC survey of over 10,000 LGBT people ages 13 to 17 across America, 92% say they hear negative messages about being LGBT, mostly from school, the internet and peers. The same survey revealed that LGBT students were twice as likely to physically assaulted at school than their straight peers.

However there is hope for the next generation as 90% of LGBT youth say they are out to their close friends. We then have 64% who are out to their classmates while 75% say that they their peers don’t have any problem with their sexuality.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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