Sex Shop in the Russian Northern capitol have been stuck with a wave of armed robberies this year, according to police. The latest adult store to fall victim has brought the tally to an alarming six cases since the start of 2018.

This time around in the Russian city of Barnaul, Police said that a 29-year-old store manager reported two perpetrators entering a sex-shop located on Novocherkassky avenue and taking a notebook, seven gift cards and a thousand rubles.

According to police, a wannabe robber entered the establishment and immediately proceeded to attack the adult store clerk, ignoring a customer who was idly browsing the merchandise. That carelessness proved to be the criminal’s downfall as the customer quickly grabbed a large pink dildo from the display and started slamming it into the miscreant’s body from behind, said police.

Surprised by the unexpected onslaught, the robber quickly fled from the scene with the dildo-wielding man hot on his heels. The value of the stolen goods totaled 37 thousand rubles (USD 599.35).

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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