22 09, 2022

Nuclear War Is Possible, Says US Commander Admiral Charles Richard

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WASHINGTON D.C. — (09-22-22) — Navy Admiral Charles Richard, commander of US Strategic Command, said on Wednesday that  the United States is possibly facing a nuclear war with a peer-level opponent. For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the United States could find itself facing a nuclear war between Russia and/or [...]

17 02, 2019

N.E.F.O.R.M.A.T – “Aliens Destiny” Gay Music Video Shocks Russia

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MOSCOW — (02-17-19) — Чужие Судьбы [Aliens Destiny] openly gay pop duo N.E.F.O.R.M.A.T. The music video is getting huge heat as it made its debut on the LGBTQ Top 40 Chart in the United Kingdom. The openly gay duo are native Russians and for their debut music video, had the guts to do this openly [...]

10 05, 2018

Sex Shop Hold Up Latest In Adult Store Robbery Wave

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Sex Shop in the Russian Northern capitol have been stuck with a wave of armed robberies this year, according to police. The latest adult store to fall victim has brought the tally to an alarming six cases since the start of 2018. This time around in the Russian city of Barnaul, Police said that a [...]

6 01, 2017

Russia Confirms Federal Registry Of HIV-Positive People

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By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer MOSCOW, RUSSIA — The Federal government of Russia has launched a federal registry of people infected with HIV. A fire storm of concern was immediately voiced worldwide because what people are wondering about the most about this story is, what will federal government of Russia will do with such information [...]

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