By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

Are you ready? The Falcon Studios Group has announced the release of multi-award winning director Chi Chi LaRue’s “Jock Doc” (2018) to retailers worldwide on DVD and for consumers, Download-to-Own formats.

“This is a classic porn that gets down to the roots of the most basic of gay fantasies,” said Chi Chi LaRue. “It combines doctor scenarios with sports themes and muscle jocks with big cocks. It’s a perfect combination that taps into so many men’s desires.” said LaRue.

LaRue’s brought out the big guns for Hot House Video’s “Jock Doc” (2018) including Hot House exclusives Ryan Rose, Woody Fox, and Skyy Knox. With gay adult film stars Jack Hunter, Danny Gunn, Dean Monroe, Pierce Paris and Alex Mecum.

“When athletes get an injury, they head straight to the ‘Jock Doc’, and when the doctor isn’t around, a fellow athlete or coach will do just fine. With rock-hard bodies and plenty of tight holes to go around, these jocks suck and fuck their way to forgetting about their injuries by taking all the cock they can get. When Jack Hunter hurts his ankle on the soccer field, Woody Fox comes to his aid and helps him back to the locker room. Woody offers to rub Jack out and soon Woody’s thick, uncut cock is balls deep in his teammates tight ass. Coach Ryan Rose catches Danny Gunn sniffing used jockstraps in the locker room. Instead of punishing Danny, Ryan sniffs some musty jocks with Danny and fulfills the young stud’s fantasy by filling his eager ass with all the cock he can take. Pierce Paris injured his shoulder at practice and sets an appointment with nurse Dean Monroe to play a classic game of doctor. Dean gets his ass plowed by the injured patient’s massive cock leaving Pierce feeling better and Dean full with two loads of cum. Skyy Knox is about to get a clean bill of health from Dr. Alex Mecum when Skyy insists on an anal exam. The doctor agrees that it would be a good idea and soon the doctor has more than his fingers in…”

Falcon Studios President Tim Valenti added…”This is a really well thought out DVD with themes that touch on realistic desires. Who hasn’t been to the doctor’s office and wanted some forbidden sex, or lusted after the muscle-jock with the giant bulge in his shorts? You get the best of so many different worlds with this movie that I know it’s going to be an instant hit.

Twist your ankle at practice today? Need a rub-down to ease those sore muscles? The ‘Jock Doc’ will see you now!

Cast: Ryan Rose | Woody Fox | Skyy Knox | Jack Hunter | Danny Gunn | See Full Cast

genres: Big Dicks | Muscles | Uniforms | Storyline | Hairy Men | Power Bottoms

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue

Produced by: Tim Valenti

Production co: Hot House Video

Distributed by: Falcon Studios Group

Distributed by: Vimpex Media (EU)

Country: USA

Language: English

Ship Date: April 6, 2018

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