By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

Murder Suspect Bruce McArthur, whom Toronto police consider to be the alleged serial killer responsible for the deaths of 5 men in Toronto’s Gay community. While the mainstream media has totally ignored this story, police say that over several years, this fat white-haired landscaper was allegedly responsible for at least five men who were murdered, dismembered, and spread out in a backyard of a middle class neighborhood.

Since he was a landscaper and has already proven to be putting victims body parts in people’s backyards, police have expanded their search for more victims to cover at least 30 properties around Toronto and elsewhere in Ontario where McArthur operated his landscaping business.

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The 66 year-old Bruce McArthur was charged Monday Jan. 29 with first-degree murder in the deaths of Dean Lisowck, 58, Majeed Kayhan, 47 and Soroush Marmudi, 50. The disturbed McArthur was also charged back on Jan. 18 with the murders of Selim Esen, 44 and Andrew Kinsman, 49.

Police feel that more more charges are sure to come as their investigation continues to show that McArthur had links to other missing persons.

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“Detectives believe Mr. McArthur was targeting members of Toronto’s LGBTQ community, but expect that the investigation may go beyond just that one community,” the paper reports. Dismembered skeletal remains of three people have been discovered in planters at sites where McArthur had done landscaping, but police have yet to identify them. “We don’t know how many more victims there are going to be,” said Det. Sgt. Hank Idsinga at the televised press conference which you can watch below as well as McArthur’s arraignment coverage.

Thankfully this serial killer is behind bars. We will continue to follow this story as more developments become available.

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