By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

TORRANCE, CA — The award winning Screaming O’s latest product, ‘Jackits’, are higher-quality, durable and reusable mini-strokers made to last longer, feel better and provide exceptional value to the end user.

This version of the popular product for men gives shoppers a reliable hand-enhancement that’s easy to clean, even easier to use, and priced under $10 for superior sales.

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“These compact and portable sex toys look small but stretch wide and long to fit almost any size, and nothing is this durable, this affordable, and this easy to clean,” said Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann. “Whether for a quick tug, a stronger stroke session, or a handjob upgrade, Jackits amplifies ordinary masturbation for an extraordinary manual experience. And for 9 bucks a pop, Jackits’ reusable resilience offers consumers ultimate value that can’t be beat.” said Aumann.

According to The Screaming O’s R & D division, the ‘Jackits‘ boasts epic softness, a textured interior, and a cushy feel that glides across sensitive skin thanks to its body-safe and ultra-durable SEBS material, and gives users multiple enhanced hand sessions with each purchase.

Users can experiment with speed, grip and depth to find their favorite ways to jack it with their Jackits without worry of accidental tears or damage because Jackits is capable of stretching more than twice its size with room to spare.

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To enjoy, users simply apply their favorite water-based or silicone-based lubricant to the inside of the Jackits and squidge the stroker around in their hands to distribute the slickness evenly. No matter how enthusiastic the session, Jackits will stay strong until the very last stroke and give users a satisfying experience they can rely on every time.

“Jackits initially debuted at the same time as our renowned Charged line of affordable rechargeables, which meant these simple strokers could easily have been overshadowed by their higher-tech counterparts,” added Aumann. “But Jackits beat all sales projections and have continued to outperform the competition and keep growing in popularity month to month. It’s clear that Jackits checks all the boxes for a simple, affordable, and durable stroker that can get the job done again and again.” said Aumann.

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‘Jackits’ are available in a countertop POP, impulse-friendly candy bowl, and packaged to hang conveniently from slatwall displays. As with all Screaming O products, Jackits is supported by free full-color marketing materials and graphics upon request.

Retailers an get ordering information about Jackits and the rest of Screaming O’s product line by contacting Conde Aumann at 1-310-446-1632 | | | Facebook | Google+ | Pinterest | Twitter.

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