By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

TORRANCE, CA — The award winning pleasure products brand, Screaming O, is expanding its presence throughout Canada with a regional training tour and product showcase for retailers.

“I’ve been touring store chains throughout the region and taking advantage of the opportunity to meet customers in-person and see first-hand how Screaming O can support their stores even more than we already do,” said Screaming O Account Executive Dan Holman. “Partnerships with stores like Seductions, Sexy & Cie, and Our Pleasure have been cornerstones to Screaming O’s success up north and it has been a pleasure building our brands together.” said Holman.

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The tour brings the brand’s affordable beginner-friendly product line into even more stores in the region. With the new Charged line of affordable rechargeable’s at the forefront, Screaming O customers are fortifying their inventories with Screaming O’s Top 25 Sellers, January 2017 releases, and custom graphics for an eye-catching in-store branding initiative.

Plus retailers, Dan Holman has put special focus on educating loyal customers on the features and benefits of Screaming O’s vast catalog, including the brand’s tried-and-true best-sellers and the various merchandising initiatives available to international accounts.

“Screaming O has built a strong brand here and we’ve found their approach to marketing to be quite effective with our customer base,” said Mark Castelli, purchasing manager of the Montreal 10 store adult retail chain, Sexy & Cie. “It has been a pleasure partnering with Screaming O to bring their affordable beginner-friendly products to Sexy & Cie’s loyal shoppers and we’re excited to have the Charged series of rechargeable options on our store shelves.” said Castelli.

“Screaming O’s January releases have proven especially popular, including the Monarch silicone butterfly ring, ‘SwingO Curve contoured cock ring’, and durable ‘Jackits masturbation sleeves’.” added Castelli.  “Dan Holman’s in-person training’s have boosted sales with impressive numbers. Stores have especially appreciated the opportunity to explore Screaming O’s custom graphics, signage, and fully stocked displays created specifically to use visual impact to boost sales and build brand awareness.” said Holman.

“Working with Dan and the Screaming O team has been one of the smartest moves we’ve made; the brand dominates the entry-level category and the new Charged line is setting a new standard for rechargeable’s,” said Michel Dell’Aniello of Canada-based adult distributor Landco, which operates multiple adult shops throughout the region. “Next, we’re planning to take advantage of Screaming O’s custom graphics and transform areas of our stores into colorful shopping zones, which will make a lasting impression on our customers. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.” said Dell’Aniello.

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This latest Canadian trip is part of Screaming O’s ongoing international retail initiative, which has brought the Screaming O brand into territories around the world, including the EU, South America, Asia and South Africa.

Retailers can get more information about Screaming O and its affordable product line by contacting Dan Holman at 1-310-446-1632 || Facebook | Google+ | Pinterest | Twitter

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