OTTAWA, ONTARIO — (06-21-19) We-Vibe, one of the hottest brands in brick and mortar adult stores worldwide, has unveiled its new ‘Melt’.  The first couples product to feature the patented Pleasure Air technology.

The new Melt is curved and comes with a slim profile that allows it to fit comfortably between two people. Plus when paired with the free We-Connect app, couples can share pleasure from anywhere.

“Melt is for couples,” said We-Vibe Brand Manager Stephanie Keating. “We’ve designed Melt to fit perfectly between you and your partner, so there’s nothing to get in the way of your good time. The curved handle is comfortable to hold in any position, and the Pleasure Air head is located right at the tip, making it easy to position Melt in just the right spot.” said Keating.

The Melt by We-Vibe Features Pleasure Air Technology

Retailers, the Melt uses subtle changes in air pressure to gently massage the clitoris. Pulsating waves and suction create sensations that range in feeling from a gentle kiss to a more intense, stronger suction.

Plus adult store associates can have the Melt product video running in the store for customer base to review.

We-Vibe has confirmed that the Melt has 12 intensity levels. It’s fully waterproof and rechargeable. It offers two hours of play time with 90 minutes of charging.

Plus don’t forget that the Melt has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and features enhanced Bluetooth 5 connectivity. We-Vibe has set the MSRP for the Melt to be $149.

Retail partners can download a full package of marketing and promotional material.

For ordering information on the Melt, contact one of We-Vibe’s account representatives at +01-613-828-6678 | EMAIL | | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | WeVibeTV.

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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