5 12, 2021

Biden’s Build Back Better Plan Benefits Same-Sex Married Couples with Tax Breaks and ACA Premiums

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WASHINGTON D.C. — (12-05-21) — Same-Sex married couples could receive a tax break under President Joe Biden's 'Build Back Better Plan' now in the Senate.  Biden's plan would correct the injustice of federal tax law that has benefited heterosexual couples but not for same-sex couples. In fact if the bill passes, same-sex couples who were [...]

3 12, 2021

Biden Says ‘End of HIV Epidemic Is Within Reach’ on World AIDS Day

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WASHINGTON D.C. — (12-03-21) — President Biden said on World AIDS Day last Wednesday, that he sees the end of the HIV Epidemic "within reach". The White House reaffirmed its promise to continue to invest in HIV research and bring an end to an epidemic that has plagued not only heterosexuals worldwide but especially the [...]

18 02, 2021

LGBT People of Color 2X times More Likely to get COVID-19

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WESTWOOD, CA — (02-18-21) — According to a new Study conducted by the UCLA Williams Institute, LGBT people of color are twice as likely to contract the coronavirus than their heterosexual, white counterparts. The UCLA Williams Institute study announced their assessment on Wednesday. The study assessed the impact of the fall 2020 surge of COVID-19 in [...]

27 01, 2021

President Biden Signs Two LGBTQ Executive Orders in First Week

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WASHINGTON D.C — (01-27-21) — President Joe Biden is so far keeping his word to the LGBTQ community as he signs two executive orders during his first week in office. The first was an executive order implementing the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision against anti-LGBTQ discrimination. He signed that one on Day One. The second was [...]

25 01, 2021

Transgender Military Ban Lifted by President Biden while New Poll Shows Approval Rating of 63 Percent

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WASHINGTON D.C — (01-25-21) — President Joe Biden fulfilled another campaign promise by repealing the Transgender Ban on military service that was instituted by former president Trump. Not only is president Biden correcting wrongs instituted by the former president, he is also enjoying a healthy approval rating of 63 percent, according to a new poll [...]

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