25 01, 2023

Pope Francis Calls for End to Anti-LGBTQ Laws

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ROME, IT — (01-25-23) — Pope Francis calls for an end to all anti-LGBTQ laws and now says that he welcomes the LGBTQ community into the Catholic Church. Pope Francis has criticized laws that criminalize homosexuality as “unjust”, saying "God loves all his children just as they are", and calling on Catholic bishops worldwide who [...]

26 12, 2022

NYC Gay Politician’s Home Vandalized After Supporting Drag Queen Story Hour

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NEW YORK, NY — (12-26-22) — New York City Gay Council Member Erik Bottcher' apartment was broken into and vandalized by two women after he confronted a group of protesters at a Drag Queen Story Hour. New York City police have arrested two suspects for trespassing at the home of the openly gay NYC councilmember. [...]

22 12, 2022

Tennessee Bill Could Criminalize Drag Shows Statewide

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NASHVILLE, TN — (12-22-22) — Tennessee Republican State Sen. Jack Johnson introduced this week a proposed bill that would make it illegal for drag queens to perform in front of children statewide. According to SB 0003, introduced by Republican State Sen. Jack Johnson, drag shows would be redefined as “adult cabaret” and would prohibit Drag [...]

6 09, 2022

Students Protect LGBTQ Students from anti-LGBTQ protesters

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PROVO, UT — (09-06-22) — Brigham Young students dressed in angelic costumes formed a barrier between LGBTQ students attending their pride night against anti-LGBTQ protesters yelling slurs at them. Anti-LGBTQ protesters hurled slurs at the "Back to School Pride Night" on Saturday night but thanks to the Brigham students forming a barricade to protect them, [...]

2 07, 2022

Ten Anti-LGBTQ Bills Passed by Republicans are now Law

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LAS VEGAS — (07-02-22) — Ten anti-LGBTQ bills that were passed by Republican legislatures are now law as of July 1, 2022. The Republican party launched its culture war against the LGBTQ community last year. Not only are they attacking LGBTQ+ adults but also LGBTQ youth in school sports, LGBTQ groups and now, teachers are [...]

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