TALLAHASSEE, FL — (02-12-24) — Florida LGBT activists staged a statewide series of protests at Florida’s Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) locations last Friday. A huge number of individuals dressed in Pride flags and safety vests entered DMV properties statewide and laid down in mock death, a protest known as a “die-in”, with signs reading “hate kills.”

The outrage from LGBT Floridians comes in response to the latest anti-LGBT policy change made by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles last month, that prevents changes to the “gender” marking on Florida driver’s licenses.

Watch WKMG News 6 Coverage of the Protesters

Demonstrations took place at DMV locations in Tampa, Orlando, Miami and Gainesville. The “die-in” protests lasted 37 minutes to represent the 37% of trans Floridians who have faced harassment due to an incorrect gender marker,” according to the Youth Action Fund.

The Republican party’s war on LGBT Americans continues.

(Photo courtesy of Watermark)

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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