LAS VEGAS — (11-3-23) — Las Vegas Police have arrested a female escort for allegedly beat an older man with limited mobility nearly to death inside a Caesars Palace hotel room, stealing thousands of dollars in the process. Identified as Napria Wilson, 26, faces charges of attempted murder, residential burglary and robbery, according to court documents.

On Oct. 27, Metro police responded to a reported robbery at the Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. A security officer responded to a guest room, finding a man on the floor with his face covered in blood. According to court records, the man is in his late 60s and uses a mobility scooter.

The victim told the officer “he had brought a ‘hooker’ to his room… and she beat him and robbed him,” said a spokesperson for LVMPD. At the hospital, the man told detectives that the woman, later identified as Napria Wilson, “assaulted him and took his wallet.” The man told police he met Wilson on the casino floor and then they went to his room.

“Once in the room, the [man] gave Wilson $500 cash for her services,” police said. “Wilson took the money and stayed in the room. After a couple of minutes, Wilson again asked [the man] for the money and [the man] stated, ‘I already gave it to you.’ Wilson began to get argumentative with [the man] and told him to give her the money again.”

The man told police he believed he was missing about $6,000 after the attack, officers said. The man’s injuries included a broken face and multiple facial fractures, police said. His face was left badly bruised and his eyes swollen shut, said police.

Police reviewed video surveillance, which they said showed Wilson walking out of a guest room and into an elevator. Then she she left the property in a taxi.

Detectives contacted the taxi company, finding Wilson’s name and more surveillance video.

“Wilson almost immediately vomits as she enters the cab,” said police of the surveillance video from the taxi. “Wilson apologizes to the driver and tells him she will pay him extra to get her ‘out of here’ and appears to pass him a $100 dollar bill from her purse.”

“Throughout the ride, Wilson seems panicked,” police said. “At the conclusion of the fare, Wilson exits the vehicle and tells the driver, ‘You never came here, this didn’t happen,’ and gives the driver what looks like an additional $200.”

Police said that MGM Resorts security department helped police find Wilson by matching her photo with other surveillance video. That led to police arresting Wilson on Nov. 1 outside her Henderson apartment. During her court appearance on Nov. 2, Judge Rebecca Saxe set bail at $75,000. Wilson remains in custody at the Clark County jail as of Friday.

This isn’t the first time Wilson has been in trouble with the law. In 2021, police arrested Wilson on charges of attempted murder and domestic battery. She later pleaded no contest to domestic battery charges where she avoided jail time.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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