BELLINGHAM, WA — (05-18-22) — School board member and Owner of adult store WinkWink in Washington state, is preparing to host an LGBT event for kids at her store.

Jenn Mason, a school board director for Bellingham Public Schools, owns the popular WinkWink adult boutique which is described on its Facebook page as a “sex shop delighting in expertly curated sex and body products, lingerie, and books,” is not attempting to groom anyone!

“We believe that normalizing, accepting, and affirming all bodies, identities, and gender experiences is an inherently political act. Pleasure is our revolution,” reads WinkWink’s website.

A Facebook Event surfaced for a “Queer Youth Open Mic Night” to be held at Mason’s adult store on June 1 to celebrate “young queer voices” in the community.

The open mic event says that it will offer those who are “0 to 18 years old” five minutes “to share poetry, music or a story,” according to the event’s details.

WinkWink’s website indicates “there is no law or store policy that sets an age-limit for our customers,” noting “all people” are allowed in the shop at any time. The site does note “ID is required for any items that must be legally sold to people 18 and over,” but it also says, “we don’t actually sell any pornography or any other items that are age-restricted.”

“Many young people feel like they can’t ask questions about sex,” the company’s “About” page continues. “Everyone eventually learns about sex from somewhere (or someone); unfortunately, what they often get is inaccurate, unhealthy, and dangerous information that puts them at risk. We believe that all people deserve to have a place where they can ask questions in a non-judgmental setting and get answers from sexuality educators that have their well-being in mind.”

JRL CHARTS LGBT Politics News reached out to the Bellingham Public Schools’ board of Directors for comment and, was told by one member that since the event is not school-related, the school board will likely not have anything to say.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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