WASHINGTON D.C. — (02-09-22) — Senior advisor to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Bishop Garrison, is calling for more “diversity, equity, and inclusion” in the US military.

Garrison insisted the policy has nothing to do with ideology or a “culture war,” saying that the approach would strengthen the US military and make it a “more lethal” machine.

In a Speech to the Center for a New American Security, senior advisor Garrison said the military must to do more to attract minority soldiers, who currently only make up 41% of the US armed forces.

“We have to find out ways of getting to a broader talent pool and broader interest groups in order to bring those highly qualified, talented individuals in,” said Garrison, claiming that a large percent of minorities “tend to get out” of the military before advancing to higher positions.

“We need to take a very data-driven approach to get a better understanding as to what’s actually happening here. What is the problem? And how can we address it?” said Garrison.

US Military-Diversity-2022-JRL-CHARTS-LGBT-Politics

US Military-Diversity-2022-JRL-CHARTS-LGBT-Politics

Garrison further added that he wanted “as many military leaders and members of the US Armed forces in advisory positions” to take diversity efforts “as a force multiplier.”

The senior advisor insisted that the military’s diversity efforts were not “diversity for diversity’s sake” and were “not just something that has to be done because of some type of cultural ideology or culture wars that are going on.” “That’s not the case at all,” said Garrison.

Natualoly Garrison’s speech was immediately criticized by conservatives who wasted no time in saying that priorities of president Joe Biden’s administration with regards to the military have been misplaced.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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