ST HELENS, MERSEYSIDE UK — (06-29-21) — An LGBTQ Pride mural was defaced with a homophobic slur and now, police are treating this incident as a hate crime. The LGBTQA mural in St Helens, Merseyside, that was painted by volunteers and artists to celebrate Pride month, was sprayed with black paint on Monday night.

This anti-LGBT incident follows several attacks on LGBTQ citizens in Liverpool for the month of June. In fact Merseyside Police described the incident as “appalling”, while the council added that it was “distressing”.

Police Say – LGBTQ Pride Mural Being Investigated as a Hate Crime

St Helens Bourough Council Responds to LGBTQA Defacement (Click to Enlarge)

St Helens Bourough Council Responds to LGBTQA Defacement (Click to Enlarge)

What touched this reporter’s heart about this incident was learning that a 10-year-old child had painted most of the rainbow motif in Sherdley Park.

“To say we were shocked and disgusted by this would be understating our emotions,” said councillor Jeanie Bell. “We must still battle with a minority who will not let others live as they want to out of hatred and ignorance. This is more than just petty vandalism, this is a hate crime.” said Bell.

Chief Inspector Paul Holden added…”For any person or location to be damaged in such a way is completely unacceptable, and creates fear and distress for those targeted.”

Council officers have since removed the slur and the artist has repaired the LGBTQA Pride month mural.

Merseyside Police are asking for anyone with information on this case to call +44 1744 345122.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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