BRANDON, FL — (06-06-21) — Corbin Fisher kicks off PRIDE Month with the release of ‘Rocky Works Out Jared’ (2021), starring 21 year-old Rocky and 24 year-old Jared in raw jock action.

Following the success of Corbin Fisher’ Violating Noah (2021) and Corbin Fisher’s Lay of Pigs (2021), the multi award-winning gay porn network unleash ‘Rocky Works Out Jared’.

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Corbin Fisher presents Rocky Works Out Jared-2021-06-06-JRL-CHARTS-03

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“My, what a difference a hair style makes! It’s been a little while since we’ve seen Jared, and he showed recently looking hotter than ever. It wasn’t just the hair, though – Jared’s clearly been spending even more time in the gym and working out, because he’s in better shape than ever even though he was in darn good shape before!

The sexier, studlier Jared 2.0 clearly turned Rocky on. Rocky was an eager boy right from the start here, and as they kiss early on you can’t help but wonder if Rocky’s ever going to stop kissing Jared long enough for these two to strip down and fuck.”

Corbin Fisher’ ‘Rocky Works Out Jared’ premiered on June 4, 2021 exclusively on the Corbin Fisher Network.

Watch Rocky Works Out Jared (NSFW)

Rocky Works Out Jared official trailer-Corbin FIsher

Directed by:
Corbin Fisher

Corbin Fisher Entertainment:
Official Website | Video on Demand

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Production Companies:
Corbin Fisher Entertainment

Pulse Distribution (DVD) (USA)

United States


Run Time:
26 Minutes 25 Seconds

Digital Release date:
June 4, 2021

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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