BRANDON, FL — (03-20-21) — Corbin Fisher Entertainment wasted no time casting newcomer LEO in Violating Noah (2021) on digital download.  Fisher teamed LEO with NOAH in this ‘MUST WATCH’ bareback Interracial gay erotica scene that is sure to impress.

Corbin Fisher Released an official statement on his latest masterpiece now streaming on the Corbin Fisher Network.

Corbin Fisher Noah & Leo Star in Violating Noah on Digital-2021-03-19-JRL-CHARTS-02

Corbin Fisher Noah & Leo Star in Violating Noah on Digital-2021-03-19-JRL-CHARTS-03

Corbin Fisher Noah & Leo Star in Violating Noah on Digital-2021-03-19-04

“The moment Noah and Leo first met at the studio, we all knew they wanted each other. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re each the other’s type or because they each found out they’d be perfectly compatible sexually (Leo is a skilled and eager top, Noah a hungry and insatiable bottom) but the firtation and the sexual energy between them was non-stop from the get go.

There was one point, in fact, a day or so before we filmed this episode where one of the other guys noticed the obvious attraction between the two and joked, “Don’t violate any off camera sex rules!”, to which someone else jokingly replied how obvious it was Noah wanted to be violated by Leo – and we had our title!

And these two are indeed as compatible as we could all tell they were. Leo was the perfect amount of both dominant and passionate, clearly knowing how to push every one of Noah’s buttons all at once, and over and over again. Leo tells Noah what to do and whispers things in to his ear that all make Noah need and want him even more, and fucks Noah just how Noah needs and wants it. The image of Leo’s big dick pistoning in and out of Noah’s pale ass is incredibly hot, and the load Noah shoots out while getting fucked by Leo lets us all know it felt as good for him as it looked for all of us!”

Violating Noah (2021) premiered on the Corbin Fisher Network March 16, 2021.

Watch Violating Noah (NSFW) Trailer

Violating Noah-Official-Trailer-Corbin Fisher

Directed by:
Corbin Fisher

Corbin Fisher Entertainment:
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Production Companies:
Corbin Fisher Entertainment

Pulse Distribution (DVD) (USA)

United States


Run Time:
23 Minutes 14 Seconds

Digital Release date:
March 16, 2021

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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