BRANDON, FL — (11-14-20)  —  Corbin Fisher Entertainment has just unleashed ‘Riding Riley” (2020), their latest amateur production featuring Corbin Fisher fan favorites Justin Weston and Noah III in raw unadulterated action!

Adventurous young newcomer Riley is here for his latest adventure – Railing Noah!

Corbin Fisher Unleash Riding Riley-bareback-2020-11-14-jrl-charts

“Riley’s a great guy to have around, and quickly got along with all of the other guys he met. He’s friendly, easygoing, personable, and there’s certainly no harm in him also being quite the stud. Noah was immediately drawn to studly Riley, so was totally thrilled when he found out he was going to get to go for a ride on Riley’s dick.

Indeed, as the action starts off here, it’s Noah who is just all over Riley, moving in for some deep and passionate kissing and then pushing Riley back so Noah can straddle him and make out some more. Soon after all that, Noah’s pulling off Riley’s shorts and going for the real prize – that dick!

Noah gets Riley’s thick cock in him, and it’s not long before he’s bent over the couch loudly moaning as Riley drills him. The final prizes for both are Noah’s load getting fucked out of him, and Riley’s load ending up all over and inside Noah’s hole.”

‘Riding Riley’ starring Justin Weston and Noah III made its debut on the Corbin Fisher Network on November 13th, 2020.

Watch – Riding Riley – NSFW Trailer


Directed by:
Corbin Fisher

Corbin Fisher Entertainment:
Official Website | Video on Demand

Follow Corbin Fisher:
Facebook | Twitter | Vimeo

Production Companies:
Corbin Fisher Entertainment

Pulse Distribution (DVD) (USA)

United States


Run Time:
28 Minutes 15 Seconds

Digital Release date:
November 13, 2020

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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