LAS VEGAS — (05-17-21) — Fun Size Boys have unleashed a scorching daddy/twink hit with Austin Young and LeGrand Wolf starring in ‘Little Workday Distraction’ on digital.  The last time the JRL CHARTS Gay Erotica Division covered the Fun Size Boys Gay Porn label was with their sizzling online hit, IAN Chapter 2: Dr. Wolf’s Office (2021).

Now LeGrand is back with award-winning versatile twink Austin Young to star in the monster cock raw production of ‘Little Workday Distraction’

Austin Young Sucks LeGrand Wolf-Monster Cock-in-Little-Workday-Distraction


Austin Young-LeGrand Wolf-Daddy-twink-raw-Little Workday Distraction-2021-05-16-JRLCHARTS-03

Austin Young-LeGrand Wolf-Daddy-twink-raw-Little Workday Distraction-2021-05-16-JRLCHARTS-06

“It’s been a while since I’ve invited a boy to stay with me. I suppose you could say I’ve something of a penchant for the local college boys and the feeling seems to be quite mutual. They come to see me, worried about all sorts of silly ailments. I think most of them are quite home sick and perhaps a little lonely, so I listen to them, talk to them and send them on their way relieved they’re not dying of whatever they’ve decided they’ve got!

Austin came to see me worried that he was too small for his age. It’s a fairly common worry with college lads, and I’m sure I initially make them feel a lot worse when I get up to greet them and they see all six foot six of me towering above them. Austin’s actually more than a foot shorter than me. It’s difficult to know what to say sometimes. They’ve usually done all the growing they’re going to do and just need to accept their size and start looking for the people out there in the world who like a fun-sized boy. There are a lot of guys like that about… Myself included!”

Watch Little Workday Distraction – Fun Size Boys

Fun Size Boys-Little Working Distraction-Austin Young-gay-porn-trailer-JRLCHARTS

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