CHATSWORTH, CA — (09-29-22) — Scout Boys Network brings its older/younger genre fan base ‘Scout Landon Chapter 1 – The Pledge (2022), starring Greg McKeon and Scout Landon.  While Pulse Distribution is busy shipping its first release Carnal Media‘s online hit series entitled, Scout Boys 1 DVD (2022) to retailers nationwide, executive producer Legrand Wolf is unleashing another mouthwatering and tantalizing older/younger extravaganza with Scout Landon Chapter 1 – The Pledge (2022) on digital.

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The Pledge-Scout Landon-Chapter 1-Scout Boys-screen clips-2022-jrl charts

“I’ve wanted to become an Elite Scout for years. When I first joined the Scouts, I used to see them heading off for what seemed like the most exciting adventures. They were so grown up and so confident. I longed to be part of their gang.

I worked really hard to prove I was worthy of joining. For ages I felt completely invisible. For the first year, I don’t think any of the Scoutmasters even knew my name!

But then Scoutmaster McKeon joined our troop and I suddenly felt like someone had my back. He repeatedly told me how much potential I had – and for the first time in my life, I started to believe it. When McKeon finally told me he’d recommended me for the Elite Scouts, I felt like hugging him.

McKeon called me into the main office to take the pledge. I was an absolute bundle of nerves and couldn’t stand still. As he ushered me into the room, I noticed him subtly locking the door. I wasn’t sure why that was necessary, but I was quite pleased because it meant the moment could be more private and special. I’d been meaning to tell him how important he was to me and to thank him for turning my life around, and I figured that this might be a good opportunity to do exactly that.

Taking the pledge involved him carefully attaching special little pins to my shirt pocket and collars. I knew that wearing them would make me feel like a man, make me stand taller and prouder – and I was right. It felt like Scoutmaster McKeon was honoring me and accepting me. I literally couldn’t wipe the smile from my face!

As he attached the pins, I felt a rush of excitement. I stared into his deep, mysterious, brown eyes. He seemed so manly, so tall, and so authoritative with his mustache.

He sat down on a chair and told me to come closer to him. I inched forward, a little nervously, but then he suddenly reached out and aggressively yanked me into him by my neckerchief. And there I was, standing right between his legs.”

Watch Scout Landon Chapter 1 – The Pledge (2022)

Scout Landon Chapter 1-The Pledge Official Trailer-Carnal Media

Scout Landon Chapter 1-The Pledge Official Trailer-Carnal Media

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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